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2022 Local Quilt Shop Winners

The Local Quilt Shop Contest was created to highlight the efforts of local quilt shops and provide the general public an opportunity to show their appreciation.

By supporting local quilt shops we are building community, maintaining centers for inspiration, and enriching our local economies.

This year was our biggest competition yet. Compared to last year, we more than doubled our total vote count, increased our total stores in the competition by 40%, and gave away more than $18,000 in prizes. Find more stats at the bottom of this blog.

Beyond the incredible efforts of all the amazing shops in the contest, this success also came from the support of local newspapers. The contest and local shops were featured in many newspapers around the USA. Be sure to check those out in our In the News blog section.

Please share this blog with your friends and help us all celebrate local quilt shops!

Three grand prizes

The competition was fierce this year. With many outstanding shops at the top, we awarded THREE Grand Prizes.

Each winner has their own blog highlight, so check them out via the links below.

Runner Up Winners

This year, we also chose four Runner Up Winners.

These included two previous Grand Prize Winners and two shops that were new to the winners circle.

Each winner has their own blog highlight, so check them out via the links below.

Runner Up Ribbon

Contest Statistics

This is our fifth year running the LQS Contest and we’ve seen voting and participation grow exponentially.

We love that more and more shops are getting involved and that customers and their families are voting far and wide to show their love and support.

Support LQS

SEW Many Votes

We more than doubled the number of votes this year, coming in with 39,019 total votes.

Can you believe that in our first year, the total number of votes in the contest as a whole was 2,640?

Now, both of our Grand Prize Winners each received over 2,000 votes alone.

SEW Many Stores

We were so happy to see massive growth in the number of stores receiving votes this year.

Our total stores with votes grew by 40% to 1,907 stores across 14 countries.

Every vote helps us fill out our map. This helps quilters, sewists, and travelers find new places to share their love for creativity!

Check out the list and map here.


SEW Much Variety

As a crowd-sourced competition even one vote means that the local shop is making a difference.

Still, our winners definitely pushed this contest along. Those seven shops accounted for nearly 25% of the total vote.

Competition is a real driving force in the final weeks, and those shops that are near the top take extra measures to stay there.

SEW Many Comments

We sourced more than 70,000 quotes, comments, and stories from customers about their local quilt shops.

Check out the winners blogs to see a few select comments, and feel free to browse the leaderboard to see comments for each store.

2022-Word Cloud

Thank you to our 2022 host and sponsors!

A massive thank you goes to our host and sponsors for making this contest possible. We couldn’t do it without all the hard work behind the scenes from ByAnnie and the wonderful prizes and exposure we receive from the sponsors. Thank you!


ByA logo


Jaftex Corp
2022 H+H Americas Logo
2022 Sponsor Shannon Fabrics

And finally, the Live Announcement!


    • Casey Unrein

      Yes, we have plans to expand and adjust the contest next year. Canada will be included. Also stay tuned for monthly blogs throughout the year highlighting shops globally.

  1. Ellen Palmer

    where do I find the list of shops that received votes? I am wondering how many votes my shop received.

    Englewood CO

    • Casey Unrein

      Yes! Please visit the Leaderboard. From there you can filter the table and/or browse the map to see votes, comments, and more for all shops that received votes.

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