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The following Leaderboard shows the results of the latest Local Quilt Shop Contest.

2023 Current Competition Leaderboard

Official results were released March 8th, 2023 at 2PM Mountain on Live with Annie see video below.

Please also check the leaderboards farther down for detailed results and the Winners Blog for blogs on all winners.

Want to find a quilt shop near you? See the map and table(s) below. The map is in “beta” and may not be complete or work well on mobile.

The table is our tried and true method. To use it, select the “Filter” button and type the name of your city or state (for non-USA, type your country) to refine your search.

Leaderboards (prior contests)

2023 Results and Quilt Shop List

2023 Leaderboard by Country

2023 Leaderboard for US and Canadian Regional Prizes

2022 Results and Quilt Shop List

2021 Results and Quilt Shop List