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News Reel: A Touch of Patience Quiltingrald from Taft, Texas


This was an awesome read. The local reporting team went well beyond the basic press release.

Our favorite part was that the team didn’t even know they’d done so well in previous years. They just keep on doing a great job, regardless of the recognition! Thank you to all the sewists that shared their love with us so we could help get A Touch of Patience the recognition they deserve.

More than 4,100 quilt shops were nominated with A Touch of Patience Quilting located in Taft landing in the top 100.

While it is definitely a massive feat for a small quilting shop on the outskirts of Taft, it was one owner Patience Ford knew nothing about.

“You would’ve thought they would call,” she laughed.

The local quilt shop celebrated it’s three year anniversary in September. Before that she had a long-arming business next door. For those not in the know, long arming is sewing together a quilt top and quilt backing into a finished quilt often with an intricate design.

Read the full story here:

Visit A Touch of Patience Quilting online or in-person here:


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  1. Karen noble

    She has great classes. Really great customer service and excellent fabrics. It’s my home away from home. Patience and her staff are great helpers. If u have a problem bring it to her and she help you figure it out. Even if it wasn’t purchased there. She’s amazing

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