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Great to see our local quilt shops featured in the local newspapers online.

OSWEGO – Quilt With Passion, was among the Top 100 stores in 2021 and will be competing again this year in the 5th Annual ByAnnie Local Quilt Shop Contest.

Quilt With Passion needs your support as they once again compete in’s Local Quilt Shop Contest. This annual contest is dedicated to supporting local economies and the timeless tradition of sewing.

Local Quilt Shops are the lifeblood of a community and are important because they offer classes, resources, and inspiration for millions of dedicated sewists. According to recent data gathered*, there are 85 million people who actively engage in crafts and creative projects. They generate $35 billion in sales annually to stimulate economies and keep creativity alive. Ten to 12 million of these creatives are active quilters. According to polls, these quilters overwhelmingly prefer to shop at their local quilt shops. *Data gathered by Premier Needle Arts 2019.

Read the full article here:

Visit Quilt With a Passion online or in-person:

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