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Quilt Shop Promotional Resources

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Promotion tips and more with Casey from ByAnnie:

Promotional Images

You can share the images to below to your social media. To save the image to your computer, simply right-click and select “Save Image As…” in the menu that appears. That should do the trick!

Printable Resources

Print out the following resources to help make customers aware of the contest and get out the vote.

Table Top Pyramid

Use the following link to download our PDF for printing out your own table top pyramid.

Instructions are included for how to cut it out and fold it up into a 3d shape.

“Vote Today” bookmarks

Use the following link to get our PDF for printing your own “Vote Now” bookmarks.

Be sure to print them on 8.5×11 paper, Actual Size and flip on short edge for best results. Each book mark should then be 2.75″ wide. You will have to trim the sides a bit as well.

2022-Vote For Us

Vote for Us sign

This simple sign can be printed on 8.5×11″ paper and posted in a window, wall or otherwise.

It looks good in color or black and white.

Submit a press release

This what we call guerrilla marketing.

You are competing in a global competition and it is news worthy!

Take a minute to fill out this press release and send it to your local paper. We’ve added some great generic content and marked areas for you to fill in with
<< fill in here>> details.

2022 Press Release Template

Ready for some coding fun? Here are some great ways to source votes fast!

Embedded the voting page on your own website

Using the following iframe code, many quilt shops can “let customers look through a window” on their own website over to the page.

Customers can vote without ever leaving your site!

Want to see how it looks? Check out our embed at:

<p>Having trouble viewing or voting? Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="2069"></iframe>